Nissan is preparing a serial electrocreaser to enter the market

Nissan is preparing a serial electrocreaser to enter the market


The novelty will receive the cab from a Nissan Murano and a power reserve of about 480 km.

The next stage of implementation of plans of Nissan to launch electric vehicles for the United States finally enters into force, although we are still unclear. Automotive News reports that the Japanese automaker has announced a compact electric crossover for U.S. buyers last month. It is expected that he will become a serial version of the IMx concept shown at the Tokyo motor show in 2017, and possibly with elements of the shorter of the concept IMx Kuro. In the dealer centers of the brand reported that the crossover will be about the size of a Rogue, and the interior expanse remind Murano.

Built on a new specialized platform, the electric car will be one of 8 new all-electric models, which will be launched on the world market in the coming years, but certainly not before the end of 2021.

Foreign media say that the exterior design of the production car only “loosely based” on the concept of IMx, one of the changes was shortened hood. The new electric SUV will be powered by two electric motors from IMx, the total output of which is 429 HP of power and 700 Nm of torque. It is expected that the range on a single battery charge will be about 480 km. The automaker has not revealed the battery capacity on the presentation of the new dealers, but it is assumed that it is in the area of 85 kWh.


However, a set of technologies very similar to IMx. Demo crossover used the same minimalist approach as the Tesla and the Porsche. The only visible button on the dashboard is “pulsating start button”. Digital instrument cluster with high-resolution illuminates when the button is clicked.

Probably, the official debut of the new crossover from Nissan will be at the Tokyo motor show next month. If that happens, Nissan will join this demonstration prototypes such as the Mazda Vision Coupe, Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 next-generation Acura NSX Type R and the Honda Sports EV.

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