Nissan Juke. Bright, stylish and expensive…

Nissan Juke. Bright, stylish and expensive…


All you need to know about the second generation of the Nissan Juke, would fit in the same sentence. For example, this: “a Crossover with a non-trivial design, expensive materials, 1.0-liter engine and a price tag of 31 thousand euros.” Or this: “a Crossover with a boring design, cheap interior 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine and a price tag of 18 million euros”.

If you are willing to go through that – literally stunning – pricing and uncontested 1.0-liter engine 118 forces and 200 Nm of torque, and then talking further. Because the new Juke is full of really interesting solutions.

The first generation of the Japanese crossover was produced in 2010 and was so reckless in its design that “survived” until 2019 without changes. Juke the second generation has become more restrained, although not squandered its brightness. But this Japanese crossover will not be called: the car for the European market was developed in Britain, 2/3 of the parts also here. And a robot with a dual dry clutch transmission (CVT instead of sad) aren’t from Japan.

The real increase in overall length and wheelbase has affected the space for the rear passengers. Now “out for myself” here can sit a person with an increase in 193 cm, without thinking, as if by chance to shorten his limbs. So much space behind the first Juke owners could only dream about.

Display multimedia system boasts a high resolution, one bright and quite large – is located between the analog scales. The front panel is trimmed with real Italian (!) Alcantara, and in each of the headrests of the front seats is located at two speaker Bose sound system.

And there is still relatively modest fuel consumption, increased trunk, advanced electronic assistants… But enough of all the named (and unnamed) “chips” in order to justify too round price crossover?

The answer to this question is looking for in our detailed test. Pleasant viewing!

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