Nissan shares unique features of Ariya electric car

Nissan shares unique features of Ariya electric car


Nissan has revealed details about the color palette of the new Ariya electric car. Unparalleled “futuristic” shades have been developed specifically for the model, including copper Akatsuki Copper and Aurora Green.

The “Arias” palette will include four solid colors and six two-tone colors. The palette contains Pearl Black, based on a new pigment that enhances the depth of color, Pearl White, consisting of a combination of two shades of white and combined with a contrasting black roof, Pearl Blue, Burgundy burgundy, Warm Silver, Ceramic gray Gray as well as Gun Metallic.

In addition, Ariya will be available in two special shades that have been specially developed for the electric vehicle. The first is the copper Akatsuki Copper, which has the Japanese word for dawn in its name. Nissan explained that the metallic sheen of the hue has been enhanced to evoke the conductivity of copper wires, highlighting the cutting edge technology used to create electric vehicles.

The second shade is Aurora Green, the name of which comes from the atmospheric phenomenon Aurora Borealis, or the northern lights. Mixing several tones produces a color shifting effect: hues shimmer from green to magenta depending on the light and viewing angle.

The company emphasizes that all of these shades are applied using “modern, environmentally friendly paint technology, which allows you to cut carbon dioxide emissions by a quarter, thereby reducing the negative impact on the environment.

The global premiere of the Nissan Ariya took place in the summer of 2020. The novelty is available with a battery with a capacity of 63 or 87 kilowatt-hours, one or two electric motors (on the front and rear axles), front or all-wheel drive. The power reserve varies from 360 to 500 kilometers on the WLTP cycle.

The main markets for Ariya are Japan, Europe, the USA and China – in these countries the Tesla Model Y will be the competitor of the crossover.

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