Nissan showed a racing electric car Ariya Single Seater

Nissan showed a racing electric car Ariya Single Seater


Nissan has unveiled the Ariya Single Seater electric single-seat racing car in the style of the Ariya electrocross. The project, which so far exists only in virtual space, was created to demonstrate the use of the all-electric Nissan Ariya powertrain in a racing model.

As the press service of the Japanese automaker specifies, the Ariya Single Seater looks “as if it was formed by the flow of air itself.” The front end uses a V-shaped fairing reminiscent of the modern styling of Nissan’s production cars. The outer panels are molded from CFRP (hypothetically, obviously).

Tommaso Volpe, Head of Nissan Motor Sports, said:

The Nissan Ariya Single Seater Concept combines an all-electric powertrain, two electric motors and an Ariya all-wheel drive system with a racing chassis. This is a powerful demonstration of how exciting electric vehicles can be.

Nissan did not reveal any specifications. The two electric motors in the Nissan Ariya are making 394 hp, which is probably the same combination here.

The Japanese company did not say anything about the prospects for Ariya Single Seater: it is not known whether it is planned to build a full-size prototype.

As a reminder, Nissan is a member of the Formula E racing series, which uses purely electric cars.

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