Nissan significantly reduces the price of leaf in the United States

Nissan significantly reduces the price of leaf in the United States


“Significantly reduces the price” does not mean miserable discounts that Ukrainian buyers are used to, but immediately minus 4-6 thousand dollars. Prices now start at $ 28,375.

Nissan is well aware that the Leaf is becoming obsolete and difficult to compete with newer models with more advanced technology, larger batteries and better range. Therefore, the Japanese manufacturer decided to simply reduce the prices of its most massive “electric trains”.

The 2022 Nissan Leaf fell immediately by $ 4245- $ 6545, depending on the configuration. Prices for the non-Leaf now start at $ 28,375, making it, if not the most, then one of the most affordable electric vehicles in the US. The more advanced Leaf Plus now starts at $ 33,375.

In Ukraine, Nissan Leafs brought from the USA are popular mainly due to their price. The fact is that in the United States, buyers of electric vehicles often receive benefits, which almost immediately reduces the market value of such a car. And the disappointment in a small range and unusual or inconvenient operating conditions lead to the fact that even fresh and undamaged Nissan Leafs with low mileage could already be sold significantly cheaper than new ones.

In the US, only the Mini Cooper Electric can compete with the Nissan Leaf for the price. Prices for it start at about $ 30,570, but unlike the Leaf, the electric Mini in Ukraine remains an extremely rare car.

Recall that the official sales of the Nissan Leaf electric car started in Ukraine just a month and a half ago, while in our country this model is still sold in the only N-Connecta configuration at a price of $ 35 thousand or 962 thousand UAH.

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