Nissan to cut car production

Nissan to cut car production


The global semiconductor shortage continues to hit the auto industry. For example, Japanese Nissan will not only cut but also temporarily stop car production at its Kyushu plant until May 19. This is reported by several media outlets familiar with the situation.

Nissan is adjusting production and taking necessary steps to rebuild due to chip shortage, a Nissan spokesman said, without going into details.

According to a source, the Kyushu plant (which produces Serena minivans, X-Trail SUVs and other models of the brand) intends to ramp up production and close the gap immediately after the resumption of chip shipments.

As for the rest of the brand’s sites, the Oppama plant and the Nissan Shatai plant in Kyushu, due to a shortage of chips, will cancel the night shift from May 10 to 28, and the plant in Tochigi (eastern Japan) will completely go into a 10-day downtime already soon.

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