Nito N4: minimise electrocycle for Super Mario


Nito N4 – concept of a small motorcycle. There is nothing magical or unique. Just attractive vehicle for the city, which extends the model range of the Italian manufacturer.

Nito N4 is equipped with a 15-horsepower electric motor, has a cruising range of 150 km, can accelerate to 150 km/h and weighs 175 lbs. In the theory of characteristics is quite high even on the highway.

Nito Bikes company focuses on the production of urban transport. N1 – electric scooter, N2 – moped, N3 – electric minibike, N4 – the biggest electrocycle in the lineup. Design Nito N4 is quite interesting. It features elements of supermoto and flat tracker. In the eye catches a cantilever swingarm, spoked rear wheel with built in hub motor. Accordingly, there is no any chain or belt driven, so the design was very clean.


Optics – individual standard solution. Led vertical lights attached on the guide bars, while the turn signals are integrated into the expansion tanks Brembo brake on the wheel.

The manufacturer had planned to take 50 pre-orders to begin delivery this year. Current progress is unknown.

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