No hands: Honda unveils its autopilot

No hands: Honda unveils its autopilot


Honda has introduced the new Honda Sensing Elite safety system, which includes the Traffic Jam Pilot, a level 3 autopilot officially approved by the Japanese authorities. The Legend Hybrid EX business sedan became the first “carrier” of the advanced complex.

The Honda Sensing complex with the Elite attachment represents the next step in the evolution of Honda’s suite of safety systems. Its main innovation is the Traffic Jam Pilot function, which meets the requirements of the third level of automated driving and is able to take over control in some situations, for example, in traffic jams on motorways. In her work, she uses high-resolution 3D maps, satellite navigation, sensors and all-round cameras, and also monitors the driver using a camera in the cabin.

Part of the Elite complex is the Hands-off function, which allows you to take your hands off the steering wheel when cruise control and the lane keeping system are active, as well as an autopilot for traffic jams, which can control acceleration, braking and steering when driving in one lane. The car may change lanes on its own if the driver turns on the turn signal or the system detects that the vehicle in front is moving too slowly. If the driver does not take the wheel after several signals from the system, including vibration of the seat belt, it will slow down and steer the vehicle to the side of the road.

To test the complex for safety, Honda simulated about 10 million possible road situations and carried out real tests, during which the sedan drove 1.3 million kilometers. In addition, Sensing Elite has included the possibility of a sudden breakdown of one of the devices – in this case, it will be able to continue working without additional risks.

The Honda Legend Hybrid EX sedans with advanced autopilot will begin leasing in Japan from March 5th. It is not yet known when such cars will be on sale.

Tesla announced in January that it is considering licensing its proprietary autopilot and is in talks with potential partners. If successful, Autopilot will be added to other brands in the future – which ones are still unknown.

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