No more 180 km/h: Volvo limits the speed of their cars.

No more 180 km/h: Volvo limits the speed of their cars.


That Volvo cars will have a limited maximum speed (and it is not about 250 km/h), the company reported last year. Now is the time for action, and yesterday (may 20) about the limitation of 180 km/h on all brand cars, it was reported on the official website of the company.

In addition, in the basic equipment of each model of the Swedish brand now part of the key Care Key (in a literal translation – “Key to care”), which will allow the driver to set their own limit vehicle speed (active when using this key). Such a function is relevant, for example, if you transfer your car for temporary use to someone else, or if any of your family members yet does not have sufficient driving experience.

The company had a year to analyze the reaction of drivers to the promised limit. Many were angry, what right to declare themselves the representatives of Volvo: “the maximum speed Limit has caused controversy ever since the announcement of this decision. Some experts have questioned the right of manufacturers to impose such restrictions with the help of available technologies.” Answering possible criticisms, Volvo appeals to his own status of a company that is a pioneer in questions of the rights and obligations of manufacturers. Especially when we are talking about actions that can save lives. “… Even if it means loss of potential customers,” according to Volvo.

“The problem with the excess is that after a certain speed technology vehicle security and a clever design infrastructure is not enough to prevent serious injuries and fatalities in case of an accident. That’s why in most Western countries imposed a speed limit, although exceedances are widespread, becoming the most common cause of fatalities on the roads.”


For those who want to argue with the reasoning of Volvo, will need to recognize that they are on the side of people who want to retain the right to very significant excess. Because to travel at a speed of 180 km/h on public roads without violating the traffic rules, only on the German autobahn or the Isle of man (belongs to the UK).

In addition to speeding, the main causes of violations of road safety, Volvo has named the drive in a state of intoxication and distraction from vehicle operation. The company has promised that future developments will address and eliminate these factors. We are talking about the technology of tracking the state of the driver using the internal camera and sensors, which was also announced earlier in March last year. As the speed limit, the proposed decision found both proponents and opponents (the last argument is the question of the use of recorded data).

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