No more reworking: Audi’s electric crossovers will get an “electric” platform

No more reworking: Audi’s electric crossovers will get an “electric” platform


Volkswagen has already officially announced that the MEB platform and other EV architectures developed by the group’s premium brands will be merged into a single base known as the SSP platform. The group also announced the Apollon project, in which Audi is involved.

This is Audi’s third project to which it has assigned a fully alphabetic code – the internal name used for large projects such as Artemis or Landjet. Parent company Volkswagen is using the announcement of a new scalable SSP platform for all of the group’s future EVs up to the D segment to unveil the Apollon project.

At the press conference, the Apollon concept was announced, in the development of which the brand is immersed, and about which the responsible persons did not want to spread too much. And the fact is that the Apollon is not only a model, but also part of the SSP platform for more expensive and high-performance models. In particular, premium SUVs will use this special mechanical base.

Meanwhile, the new SSP will be used by crossovers and mid-range sedans, from trucks to segment D. The German giant intends to bring the new architecture into service from 2024, so the PPE commercial route, partly developed by Porsche, will be left with nothing and will be represented by only two models, the new Macan and the Q5 e-tron.

On the other hand is MEB, which will serve at least 27 models by the end of 2022. The German firm is preparing an update to this base for more traditional models equivalent to the MQB ICE platform, which will introduce a series of improvements starting next year, including a bi-directional charging system.

The new SSP platform will also benefit from a new generation battery that comes standard on 80% of electric models, with different chemistries such as manganese instead of expensive nickel. At least until the cost of a solid-state battery, which will provide more autonomy and less charging time, does not allow it to be installed on a large scale.

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