No surprises: the updated E-Class Cabrio.

No surprises: the updated E-Class Cabrio.


Journalists of foreign publications have published photos of test prototype of the updated Mercedes E-Class convertible in the body. The car has barely any camouflage.

Mercedes is well aware that its popularity of the car is long gone and that’s why the automaker is going to stop selling S-class convertible in the body. However, premium brands are not going to abandon the once popular body style. Now the Mercedes team is testing a prototype of the updated E-class convertible in the body.

Right in front of the headquarters of the German company Daimler in Stuttgart, was seen a prototype convertible version of the updated E-class, which had a slight camouflage on the body.

Virtually unmodified front bumper hidden under the black plastic cladding and partly open the lights identical to those in the sedan and wagon E-class 2021 model year.


The rear lights seem to have been unchanged borrowed from the current version of the convertible, although the camouflage in that part of the car can hide something new. Even in this case changes are likely to be limited to led updated graphics, not a whole new cluster of tail lights. This beautiful blue prototype Mercedes with dark brown soft top, not much was hidden from the cameras of journalists that leads us to believe that the official presentation of the novelties is not far off.

Expect the convertible E-class 2021 model year will be equipped with infotainment system MBUX, improved safety systems and driver assistance, as well as a completely new and improved versions of the current engines.

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