Nobody has EVER done this!

Nobody has EVER done this!


Nobody has ever done this – it’s a first for Dubai. We took the new Mazda CX-9 up Ski Dubai with imported snow tires from Continental – watch what happened! Watch what happened earlier that day here – Follow me on:…Thank you to:MazdaContinental – @continentaltiresmeEmirati Skier – @h_alfardan10Petra Insurance Brokers – Mall of Emirates – Ski Dubai @skidxbITP Live – @itplivemeThis video would not have been possible without the sponsors and includes paid content.

I mean Mall of Emirates right now it’s right there is a steepest inside so people could just go shopping here these were shots right here chill out here and watch people scheme and I want to drive a car pissed and pull a skier behind me maybe in a movie with Bruce Willis I can them okay now I want to show you because we actually what’s up guys at supercar Lundy this is super super exciting I’m actually here with Hassan he’s an Emirati pro skier but her massage how to evolve it’s just so so exciting guys what’s actually happened is we’ve gone from desert to snow within a matter of minutes desert out that door snow through that door if you haven’t yet seen the vlog previous to this go check it out what we’re about to pull off has been one year in the making one year to get all of this stuff ready for what’s about to happen behind that door so what we have is the car Mazda cx-9 its brand new it’s not even on the showroom floor yet they’ve given that to us especially for tonight we have Continental tires flown in from Germany their specialty snow tires I’ve got little snowflakes here this is a world first good great that’s crazy couple of face-plants but it’s fine we’re going from desert to snow so we’re gonna go from like desert tires just note our hats now where do you find snow tires in the UAE you don’t so we have to get special permission from the government they were waiting it in customs for ages everything needed to go through be ticked off like why are these snow tires coming to the UAE this is the desert why do you need them so we had to get super super special permission so special in fact that each tire the tires were actually flown in by private jet each tag on their own see they were sipping on champagne a whole way to the UAE okay maybe not so you super you can turn her on well you’ve got your ski some other things then everyone steps back like 20 meters because I’ve been the only uninsured and out of this whole group to drive it on so here in anyway so it’s all up to me now have no idea what’s going to happen no idea this is the first time anyone’s ever done it oh my god come on see how to drive on the star didn’t tell these there’s also no see how’s that these are God’s and here on this dog yeah we’ve still got sand on the car should I get that very often this is where the action starts we’re gonna do the same thing as we did in the desert but it’s gonna be in the mall at this campus so we’re gonna get out of there ropes we put those hoops oh yeah how do you usually get off the top using the chairlift or the judge scoring chances yeah you okay so you think you’re gonna face my young it depends on my driving right because your team is perfect so it’s all on me it looks like a really crappy dog but it’s actually gonna hold because it held very well in attendance but son for all the international followers who are not at a big what are you wearing can do round yeah it’s the national dress of the UAE and and what you call the helmet that you were this is not gonna protect your head right this is also for the national yes Sarah Silverado I have to explain to you how special this is so we are in a bowl this is not escape is out on the mountainside somewhere we are in the middle of the desert in the UAE in a mall where they have built an incredible skip is the largest heap is in the Middle East and a sign that you have only ever learned to ski here and you’re a pro skier but you’ve never seen real snow before in your life that’s crazy that’s amazing I’ve got this man to say excited to 230 horsepower turbo 2.5 liter we’re going to rely completely on this car and the Continental tires that have been shipped in from Germany to get us from here all the way up so I think even Tom Cruise went down here every slab that’s been in Dubai has been done this best inclusive of you I’m gonna try and get Hassan to the top of the piece dude how is this okay amazing nice Wow no way you made it cool oh my God my hotties are right there we’re gonna volunteer down whoa no it was so cool it was like I don’t you felt really good it was like creeping the hallway I just kind of played around a little bit now that asam’s at the top of the beast we’ve got something even better planned when I get back down again right so we’re gonna race each other back down the piste the races are are you ready a son okay ready go faster I’m winning it’s so cool for a moment I thought I’d lost him because I couldn’t see him in the in the sideview mirror but there he was I’m going to jump over this Mazda watch no way I want to see this alright good luck that’s crazy oh he said he’s going to jump over to my stuff ya know over this job there so why don’t you go down to the jump and he’s gonna jump over your car yeah and he’s gonna jump over it nice glosses but oh thanks I know all right let’s go then like yeah yes yes like he’s gonna jump over the car I don’t know if it’s gonna the work exactly like that put on my glare planning really ready ready whoo it was like it was snowing look at all these doors now we have ice and sand about 30 centimeters away so I think they’re pretty much it is now 3 a.m. in the morning big big thank you first off to Mazda and Gallinari motors for supplying this incredible or wheel drive it got us up there so quickly and so well no issues at all continental for shipping in these snow tires especially from Germany that is insane as well Petro insurance it is not easy to get insurance for something like this petrol hooked us up so thank you very very much to our incredible pro skier her son make sure you follow her son give him some love he’s done such an amazing job his handle is here right now check him out on Instagram of course I’m massive thanks to Ski Dubai this is very hard right now no one else is here except for us right now they’ve actually opened up this EP is for us so early in the morning week thanks to ITP live for arranging all of this as well all the backend work this has been a big big job so much love to you guys we have been so excited to show you this so I really hope that you’ve enjoyed it please like the video and subscribe to my channel and we’ll see you on the next log somewhere

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