“Nostrils” will not be? Restyling BMW G20

“Nostrils” will not be? Restyling BMW G20


The current “troika” in the back of the G20 is approaching the middle of its life cycle. It’s still a great car, but to keep up with demand and compete with the latest competing models, BMW is preparing at least an exterior upgrade. Fortunately, there will probably be no shocks.

All successful car manufacturers follow a roughly similar scenario. Therefore, the fact that around 2023 the current BMW 3-Series will receive a small update is predictable. It is, however, predictable that they are already working on this.

It all started with the fact that a photo of the BMW Troika with radically different headlights appeared on social networks. No specifics, however, as we said earlier, all manufacturers work according to similar principles. Before us, if not the final type of “facelift”, then at least one of the most possible options.

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Based on this photo, taken clearly on the phone, the designers have already managed to draw a render of how a real car with similar optics might look like (title photo).

For a long time, the classic “angel eyes” have been the hallmark of Bavarian design. However, at some point, everyone began to experiment with running lights, and BMW too. After many variants, the current 3-series received running lights in the form of 4 “bags under the eyes”, brackets at the bottom of the lenses. It seems that the Bavarians decided to radically change everything and moved the DRL to the upper part of the headlight, now they are somewhat reminiscent of commas.

As for the bumpers, they will definitely be different and, with a high degree of probability, we will see their final design closer to the presentation. According to rumors, the updated BMW G20 may be shown in the first half of 2022

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