Not a sedan or a crossover: the new Citroen C5 revealed in the photo

Not a sedan or a crossover: the new Citroen C5 revealed in the photo


The French brand, whose cars are renowned for their original design, decided to transform the classic sedan into something more attractive to buyers.

The first series of spy shots showed a camouflaged crossover of a strange shape, similar to a sedan. In recent photographs, this metamorphosis has become even more evident. Former Citro? N CEO Linda Jackson tried to prepare the public for the future C5 back in 2018, claiming that the new generation model will receive a completely different mentality. We now know what she meant.

The camouflage makes it difficult to see the design details, while it is impossible not to notice the straight front end, large wheel arches and a rear end that resembles a hatchback. In style, the novelty is similar to the concept car Citroen Cxperience, which debuted in 2016.

The new C5 gets a higher stance, making it popular with crossover enthusiasts. The novelty will get the EMP2 platform of the PSA group (now Stellantis), which also underlies the new Peugeot 508, although Peugeot still retained the sedan body.

They will have a common engine range, but Citroen, apparently, will do without diesel engines.

But the brand can offer a couple of plug-in hybrids already at the start of sales. The debut of the new Citroen C5 can be organized immediately after the April Shanghai Motor Show.

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