Not beaten and not drowned Mercedes-Maybach GLS is sold at auction

Not beaten and not drowned Mercedes-Maybach GLS is sold at auction


At the American Copart insurance auction, cars without damage are less common than after an accident. It is all the more surprising to find there an almost perfect in appearance 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLS. If not for one “but”.

Two-tone body, original rims, panoramic roof, bright interior, no scratches or bumps. The new Mercedes-Maybach GLS in the USA starts from 160.5 thousand dollars excluding taxes and additional options. According to the estimate of the auction, the market value of this particular instance is $ 189.9 thousand.

The car is in Run and Drive state (starts and drives) and even with a key present. It is located in the state of New Jersey on the East Coast of the United States, so if you buy it for transportation to Ukraine, you can save a little on transportation to the port of departure.

Judging by the odometer, this SUV has driven only 624 km, and at this moment the very “drawback” from the title appears. According to the auction, the VIN code is “missing or changed”, therefore the car was most likely stolen, it is impossible to register it, and it will also not be possible to check the real mileage according to Carfax reports.

However, even a car without a VIN could potentially be more interesting than the remnants of a burned-out McLaren GT that someone bought from Copart in August.

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