Not diesel, so gas! Ukriantsy massively installed LPG

Not diesel, so gas! Ukriantsy massively installed LPG


In the two months since the beginning of the year Ukrainians purchased and registered 3.7 million passenger cars with gas equipment, according to Ukrautoprom.

More than 95% of this amount is accounted for used cars imported from abroad.

The most popular brand among these cars was a Czech SKODA. From January to February 527 from used Skoda LPG was replaced by “citizenship”, received the Ukrainian rooms.

The next popular brand in this segment of the market was HYUNDAI, not 408 new cars with gas this Korean brand has joined the national fleet.


In third place VOLKSWAGEN – 356 registrations.

Also in the TOP 5 grades of the primary market of second-hand cars with LPG entered: OPEL – 296 PCs and RENAULT – 292 PCs.

In registrations of new passenger cars with LPG in the lead RENAULT – 41 PCs.

In second place VOLKSWAGEN – 29 PCs

The third position from HYUNDAI – 24 PCs

MITSUBISHI 15 cars took the fourth place.

Closes the five of the leadership of FIAT – 14 new registered cars with gas equipment in two months.

Since the beginning of the year, your first issue in Ukraine received 14 thousand and 61 thousand b/at-shnyh cars.

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