Not enough for the real one? Start with a toy


Toyota has released a video demonstrating a new application of hydrogen fuel cells. The specialists of the brand have built a toy Toyota Mirai in a scale of 1:10, which is exactly the same as a real car. However, the visual similarity was not enough for the Japanese engineers, so they decided to install a hydrogen fuel cell power plant in a miniature copy.

For an unusual project, Toyota turned to the British technology company Bramble Energy, which specializes in the development of hydrogen fuel cells. As a result of joint work, the experts created a miniature power plant and built it into the chassis of a radio-controlled model. The toy Mirai received two hydrogen tanks resembling conventional AA batteries, a printed circuit board fuel cell (PCBFC, or Printed Circuit Board Fuel Cell) and a traction battery.

According to the developers, the use of hydrogen fuel cells has made it possible to almost double the operating time of a miniature Toyota compared to conventional batteries. Although company representatives did not disclose information about the engine and top speed of the toy Mirai, the power output of the model is about 20 watts. The use of hydrogen cells in a radio-controlled car was a demonstration of the company’s capabilities in the field of fuel cell applications outside the classic automotive field.

The typical Toyota Mirai is equipped with a 182-horsepower electric motor, a fuel cell electrochemical generator and three cylinders that hold 5.6 kilograms of hydrogen. The declared range of Mirai without refueling is 850 kilometers.

At the end of May, the hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai set a new world record for cruising range without refueling. The Japanese sedan has traveled over a thousand kilometers in France.

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