Not enough on Bugatti Chiron? Blind it out of clay

Not enough on Bugatti Chiron? Blind it out of clay


The bloggers of the NHET TV channel showed an unusual copy of the Bugatti Chiron, the body of which is completely molded from clay. It took them two weeks to create a very soft replica of the hypercar, during which they worked 19 hours daily. The bloggers captured the result of painstaking work, as well as the process of forming the body from clay on video.

The author of the channel is a simple farmer from Vietnam who is extremely passionate about supercars, but cannot afford any of the cars of his dreams. Therefore, he and his associates build them themselves from various materials, and, as a rule, rather budgetary ones.

For example, this Chiron is a scotch-taped frame made of welded metal profiles and aluminum sheets, around which bloggers “built” a body made of clay. To give the homemade product as much as possible similar to the French original, they used laser meters, and when all the panels and holes were ready, they carefully sanded the surface.

It is noteworthy that the example that the creators of the budget Chiron were guided by in the sculpting process was a tiny model of a two-door.

Clay Bugatti Chiron is not the first creation of NHET TV craftsmen, and not even the first Chiron. A year ago, a video appeared on the channel with a cardboard replica of a hypercar with a bicycle pedal drive instead of an engine. It is worth noting that the second attempt looks much less rude: experience and the flexibility of the material probably affected.

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