Not “gypsy” tuning S-Class from Mansory

Not “gypsy” tuning S-Class from Mansory


Usually, Mansroy projects have what is called a daring character – an “evil” appearance coupled with powerful characteristics. In the case of the S-Class, things are a little different.

Yes, compared to other projects, Eska looks much calmer. Apparently, the general reputation of the car, as a transport of respectable people, affected. In fact, the car was fitted with a new body kit: spoiler, side skirt, new mirrors and fairings on the front fenders. All elements are made of carbon fiber.

But the most important thing is hidden under the hood. So the engine power was increased by 65 horsepower. This applies to the diesel power plant, which, as a result of modifications, develops 400 horsepower. The gasoline engine was added as much as 92 “horses” from above – 533 horsepower.

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