Not Mercedes of course… Gold medalists of the Olympics in Tokyo will receive from the state in China cars Hongqi H9

Not Mercedes of course… Gold medalists of the Olympics in Tokyo will receive from the state in China cars Hongqi H9


Hongqi has prepared a gift for Chinese athletes who returned from Tokyo with gold medals. Each of them will receive a gift of the H9 mid-size limousine – the most luxurious “civilian” model in the line of the brand, which has been producing cars for the Chinese authorities for more than 60 years. 52 athletes from China became champions of the 2020-2021 Olympics, who received 38 medals and secured the country second place in the final medal standings after the United States.

The difference in the number of athletes and medals is explained by the fact that some of them competed in individual sports, and some received awards in a team. Hongqi has prepared 52 H9 limousines for them, each of which in the top is priced at 369,800 yuan, or $ 57,000 at the current exchange rate. Thus, the total value of gifts from the premium brand will be about $ 34 million.

32 silver and 18 bronze medalists will also receive a reward. They will receive H9 at the same level of performance, but not as a gift, but as a “free use”. Probably, we are talking about cars used for rent or test drives.

The Hongqi H9 limousine was introduced in 2020 as a rival to the elongated BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The model, built on a rear-wheel drive platform, received a design with a reference to Rolls-Royce, a 5.1-meter body and luxurious interior features. The most expensive version offers a four-seater saloon with separate screens for the second row, 12.3-inch “tidy” and a multimedia display of the same size. Natural wood, leather and metal are used in the decoration.

The limousines presented to the winners of the Olympiad are set in motion by a moderate-hybrid power plant with a two-liter “turbo four”, delivering at its peak 255 horsepower and 380 Nm of torque. In addition, a three-liter V6 and a new supercharged V6 2.5 are available for the H9. All options are paired with a dual-clutch seven-speed “robot”.

Last week, China filmed the future flagship Hongqi – a large crossover with a probable LS7 index, which is still being tested in full camouflage. It is expected that the novelty will receive a V8 biturbo engine and will compete with Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Bentley Bentayga.

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