Not only Tesla is on fire: Toyota Camry exploded, and more than once

Not only Tesla is on fire: Toyota Camry exploded, and more than once


A video has appeared on the Web in which a Toyota Camry sedan suddenly explodes while driving along a busy street in China. As you can see on the video, the first explosion was not the only one and, apparently, not the most powerful: the sedan enveloped in flames exploded again after a while, and a mushroom cloud of fire and smoke even rose above it. Then the already burnt-out carcass broke out for the last time.

According to eyewitnesses, the Camry driver was not injured, as he managed to run out of the car immediately after the first explosion. The YouTube channel that posted the video claims that the car was fueled by natural gas. However, the factory Toyota Camry Classical for China with such an installation was not offered: they were equipped with traditional 2.0 and 2.4 liter engines.

Probably, gas equipment on Camry was installed at the suggestion of the owner himself, and not very competent performers – this may explain the nature of multiple explosions.

Another opinion was expressed on Reddit: one of the users is sure that the cause of the incident lies not in the power plant, but in the natural gas or propane cylinders that Camry was carrying in the trunk.

In the spring, Hyundai had to explain the reason for the massive fire in Kona Electric cars. According to an investigation by the South Korean Ministry of Transportation, the fires were caused by problems with LG Chem batteries. Hyundai decided to replace batteries in all dangerous cars and broke off relations with its subsidiary LG Group.

Recall that a spectacular video was published on the Web, filmed on a video recorder on one of the tracks of the American state of Kansas during a thunderstorm. The footage shows how lightning strikes a black Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV literally in a couple of seconds four times in a row, completely de-energizing the vehicle.

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