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Absolutely Novi Land Rover Defender z’yavylysya in nayavnost in itslogo dealer Jaguar Land Rover in Kyiv Zahid Clavi, and also vzhe dostupni for a test drive. Avtomobl in nayavnost predstavlen have variant 110 of the body 106 Varstu from 2 000 UAH*. Sarestoniemi for a test drive right now on ABO W by phone: 044 591 00 01.

The novelty is presented in 6 models – Defender, S, SE, HSE, Defender X the First Edition, Cornu iz yakih mozhna osnastit of choice on 4 sets aksesuaru: Explorer, Adventure, Country the Urban.

Novi Defender – perestrelka legendarnyh of mozhlivosti pid umove segodenya. Defender 110 iz 2-throwim mixing diesel with dvigun razganata from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.3 seconds, dogauchi maksimalno vidcast at 175 km/year iz nibelheim will krutim point 430 Nm. Bitrate palivo have zmenou CICL to stanovlenii 7.6 l/100 km.


Informatino-rozvazhal system dostupn standartnih trim that is optional. Nipotini poshuku need staute: digital virtualna panel prilad, auto system Land Rover 180 W iz 6 dinamoe, 10-dujmovi display, auto system Meridian™ 400 W iz 10 dinamoe, NavGate Navigation Pro, the Foundation of the Click and Go system, 12V socket on that outlet is 220 volts at the rear weddin.

Viscauti from journey Newcome territory, from folding umovah VOD nails cout bespeco. Sudini Defender of the equipment functions for bezpechna travel:

  • the Autonomous system ekstrennogo galimovna
  • mentoring “dead zones” iz system sapana strenna
  • function poperedzhennya Pasaieru zadeh sign about NavNet avtomobl in “dead son”
  • system cameras kosovogo look around the 3D
  • the system will once Voda
  • the system proposed glibini of the Ford the rest of the functions of Fig.

Sered technologies for bendora, odno s nicoreni º programa podolannya Ford Wade. 900 mm – TA globina, Yak easily stola Defender, pedemales over the surface for DOPOMOGA e pneumatiche pdsi. And exactly vinciti glibina Ford dopomozhe special 3D camera circular look around. Populyarnymi , takozh functions: system start on sliski of surface, relief pid hour descent from Shilo postupovo liveliest Galmier. Controllati movement I Patrimoine stale shvidki on the usih powernap VOD smooth zavdyaki system All Terrain Progress Control.

Useful , technology ClearSight. Won improves widest, zavdyaki chomu driver of bachit “Krzy” the hood of a car Yogo Nizhny castino the wheel, I vodnochas – potentino nebezpeku. Dzerkalo zadroga mind s cu W technology vctory video online, to Defender bezperestanno for zadroga to look around you can transportati bike obladnannya.

Wbudowane functions of help when barcovan 360° for DOPOMOGA 4-Oh prikovany cameras on the perimeter translate Trevira panorama dobrogene auto touch ecran. Vdoskonalennya widest daє to understand the scale msceast navkolo I sprosu munirovna.

SPACELINE obladnannya for Shukaku need also available from Defender. Middle ninoamigo: ekspeditsii rack dahu for Demba W vesuva drabina, gnucci naduvnie of vodonepronitsaema awning, portativny shower with tank 6.5 l for padanna VOD pid tisk, I zi hose shower head. Of in particular, the nozzle which is very convenient to use for Mitta tourist obladnannya from travel. Creme recognition zdobuli: Boxing on the Dah; pot for transportation tvarin, abi not scoditti the cabin; integrovany potray the kompresora for was osogo – from the tires to gumovyh matrac.

Vlasnici new Defender now not matimati key standard rozumn – on smo yomu priyshov of vodonepronitsaema udalosti bracelet Aсtivity Key. Ocrm of standartnih functions key zaparovanny, the manufacturer of the equip Yogo functions of the clock. Without riziku Buti will zagubieni, taqiy bracelet polegche life vlasniku on polowan, ribolov, tourism NSIH job on Swamy powtr.


In process exploits there Defender sberkassa better for poperednica, Oskolki vpershe of dostupni from which plus. Rosalina for ekstremalnyh minds on osnow polyurethane, won easily snimatsa to vlasnik can likely vdevice Sonny estimation auto. Tsey potassiumis of Rosaline for mislivs for prigode – mercilessly eksploatuoti transportni sasb for decline years STA zrozumilo trust same plucky and not the standard vbnewline Farrow.

For Podoroga great company rosalene th innovatie wakida sidna, that tro Pasaieru Spokane Rasmus to peridroma red. In total, Defender 110 vers WMU to 7 people. Dodatkowe Signa skladatelja, peretvoryuvach on Palaty. Podorozhali company on the Dah which is very convenient razmestili namet I salicicola at nomu on the night. In total in avtomobl can carry up to 168 kg vantazh.

Brand Director Jaguar Land Rover in Ukraine Andriy Hann explaining percocethow priznachennya car. “Z Anglicka “Defender” this means “zahisnik” I nedarma. VIN maximum zahida of vlasnika from soundnode world I for 5 minutes pdcore the Bajan top. Tsey potassiumis of prisacani for the active way of life: mandroc, expedite, wisdm on nebezpecne marsruti. At Yogo mozhna protestowali in oftiny diler I peritonitis in poselenova mozliwosciach”.


For dodatkovo parmacy:

Oftiny dealer of Jaguar Land Rover Kyiv Zahid

Kyiv, Clava road, 1-A

044 591 00 01

*Comrade “WD-power”, code EDRPOU 39195788, land Rover, defender. Vartist rosehaven for exchange Euro, Rosman on mill on 28.05.2020. Avtomobl on zobrazen mozhut varanytsia from zaproponowany in salon. Nadana information dowdney , ” that is not publow offer. Ostatochno vartist automoble necessary utochnyat in itslogo dealer Jaguar Land Rover West for Kiev telephone: 044 591 00 01.

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