Novitec pumped rear-wheel drive Huracan EVO

Novitec pumped rear-wheel drive Huracan EVO


Elite tuner Novitec has unveiled an ambitious program of perfecting the Lamborghini Huracan EVO with rear wheel drive. The changes affected aerodynamics and technology, but the atmospheric “ten” still produces 610 horsepower.

Opens the list of visible carbon body kit, which includes a front spoiler, deflector flaps for air intakes, slotted brake sills, mirror caps, a diffuser and a massive wing designed for maximum efficiency at high speeds.

Supercar owners are also offered high-tech forged wheels with a diameter of 20 and 21 inches, sport springs with 35 mm lowering (there is also a helical suspension) and a high-performance exhaust system. The latter can be ordered in a wide variety of designs, ranging from steel to a “formula” alloy called Inconel.

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