Now maybe this is what a loaded Subaru

Now maybe this is what a loaded Subaru


In Tokyo debuted a prototype named Levorg STI Sport that left more questions than answers.

The debut of the new prototype was a continuation of the history of Subaru Levorg new generation: his harbinger, the company showed back in October last year. However, at that time, the company chose not to go into technical details.

In fact, about “Leforge” nameplate STI Sport known only that he first got the adaptive suspension with electronically dampers. Another significant innovation was the system Drive Mode Select that allows the driver of the wagon to choose from several preset modes of the suspension, steering settings, all-wheel drive system and the response of the accelerator pedal.


It is also known that the prototype debuted an updated security complex EyeSight: its members included not only improved stereo camera, but also four sensors in the bumpers. It is expected that they will provide a more precise triggering of the system of preventive inhibition.

All other details Subaru is hiding: it is not even known what power plant is equipped with a universal. In October, the Japanese hinted at a completely new boxer turbo engine of 1.8 liters, which should supposedly provide a unique tractive characteristics, but specific figures are still not named. The most powerful engine for Levorg current generation is considered to be 300-strong motor volume of 2.0 l, but it cannot be excluded that in favor of environmental standards universal new generation will make weaker.

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New Subaru Levorg should appear on sale in the second half of this year. It “warmed-up” version is unlikely to come to market earlier, 2021-th.

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