Now the car HAVAL can be ordered from the warehouse online


Brand HAVAL aims to meet the individual needs of clients not only due to the diversity of modifications of crossovers and SUVs, but also due to the personalized services in selection of cars.

Recently, the company “Bogdan-industry” – the official distributor of cars of HAVAL in Ukraine – launched in the framework of the website a new project – an online warehouse of cars that allows customers to pick up cars from the warehouse according to the specified parameters. Noting the necessary attributes of the car such as color, drive system, transmission, engine size, customers can configure an online search of his car HAVAL dealer and thus know where the auto center is a car that matches a given specification.

“Now using the services of online vehicle inventory our customers do not need to spend a lot of time searching for the desired car. Using the options online search in just a few clicks You can find the nearest dealer where the car is available. – says Borys Tkalenko, Director of the company “Bogdan-industry”. The main convenience of online service-inventory of vehicles HAVAL is that from the comfort of home, You can not only find Your HAVAL, but also to request a car, simply by filling out the online order form.”

Visitors to the website can also use the online Configurator that allows to create a car to your liking.

“Today, the choice of car customers appreciate personalized solutions that reflect their own wishes. Therefore, we provide the opportunity to pick up the car HAVAL, using a convenient and simple tool online configuration. Choosing the desired technical specifications of the vehicle and noting the additional options, You can now order a car HAVAL that will meet Your individual needs. In addition, the Configurator facilitates the choice of the car and reduces the time of selection of the necessary modifications and offer the client only those options that are available. – says Borys Tkalenko.

The representatives of the brand HAVAL confident that the launch of the new online services will help to create additional value for customers and will reflect positively on the brand image of the Ukrainian consumers.

“Implementing data online technologies, we not only strive to provide new consumer experience, but also demonstrated the transparency of the brand HAVAL. Using the online service selection of cars HAVAL, our customers are guaranteed to receive a product that meets their expectations, as well as individual price offer where you can buy the HAVAL dealer.” – says Borys Tkalenko.

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