NSX is no longer available at home

NSX is no longer available at home


When the renaissance of the iconic NSX plaque finally took place, the world was impressed. Honda has done it again. And although the new creation was actually far from the original, it had to be relevant.

But it looks like the NSX will not be possible to buy in Honda’s home market. According to published US sales statistics in 2020, Audi managed to sell 583 R8s, Mercedes 2,400 AMG-GTs, while Acura only sold 128 NSX models. Even the BMW i8, which ended production in mid-2020, outsold the NSX by 64 units.

In Japan, where it is sold as a Honda, the situation is not improving and the number of such vehicles is gradually decreasing. The brand’s Japanese website now reads “no longer for sale” opposite the 2020 NSX. Honda Japan’s PR department has confirmed that sales of the 2020 NSX have indeed stopped. However, Honda assured that this only applies to sales in Japan, production is still ongoing.

However, this is not all news. Although the 2020 Honda NSX is listed as discontinued on the website, some dealerships continue to offer it by subscription. It is possible that the Japanese automaker could end sales of the 2020 NSX in preparation for the 2021 model. In any case, this should not affect the supply of cars in the United States. According to Acura USA, they cannot comment on other markets, “The 2021 NSX has only recently started shipping to customers in the US who are showing strong interest in the new Long Beach Blue Pearl offering.

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