Nvidia will work on the “central nervous system” of Jaguar Land Rover

Nvidia will work on the “central nervous system” of Jaguar Land Rover


Jaguar Land Rover and Nvidia have announced a partnership. Together they will develop and implement next-generation automated driving systems.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and Nvidia are collaborating to develop AI-powered autonomous driving systems and connected services for all future vehicles from the British manufacturer.

Starting in 2025, all new JLR vehicles are expected to be built on the software-configured Nvidia Drive platform. Car owners will receive a wide range of active safety systems, automated driving and parking, and other assistance systems. In addition, artificial intelligence will appear in the cars, which will be able to monitor the condition of the driver and passengers, as well as provide advanced visualization of the environment around the car.

All of this will be made possible by the “central nervous system” of the Nvidia Drive Hyperion platform. It includes: Drive Orin – artificial intelligence (AI) of the car that controls the operating system of Jaguar Land Rover, as well as Drive AV and Drive IX software, security systems, security and network systems, environmental sensors.

To train AI models, Jaguar Land Rover will use its data center solutions with Nvidia DGX. Drive Sim software powered by Nvidia Omniverse will be used for physically accurate real-time simulations. JLR machines with Nvidia AI will be able to be updated over the air for the life of the machines.

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