Obsessed dad built a unique bed for his son

Obsessed dad built a unique bed for his son


There is no limit to the imagination of designers of children’s furniture. It seems that the market is filled with all possible options based on the most diverse hobbies of kids – from dinosaurs to space and superheroes. But one dad from Cedar City (Utah, USA) leafed through the catalogs and was disappointed. He just wanted to find a car-themed crib, just a special one, so that no one else would have one.

I see the goal – I see no obstacles. Allan Kasper, 32, had to conceive his own project. And last May, the creative father finally decided to make his child a unique bed in the style of Ford Bronco.

However, the task was not easy for a certified flight instructor, but a novice carpenter. It was only by the summer that Kasper came up with the final design, and only started working with wood directly in September 2020. In total, it took the perfectionist Allan seven months to please his son with a special crib. And still, the author himself considers the project unfinished – they say, there are still not enough lights and bumpers.

However, the attention to detail is already impressive. The bed turned out to be a recognizable large-scale copy of the Ford Bronco, with doors opening and headlights on. In addition, the structure is collapsible for ease of movement from place to place. And Kasper made all this alone, resorting to the help of a partner only in extreme cases. The “customer” was also pleased with the result. Although Allan complains that his son plays with new furniture more than uses it for its intended purpose.

Ford’s SUV, by the way, was not chosen by chance. It turns out Bronco is the first word spoken by Casper’s child. And Allan himself is a fan of the famous model. A couple of years ago, a skilled dad even bought a tired 1972 car and now he expects to restore the classic Bronco together with the heir, giving him “an adventure and an experience of a lifetime.”

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