Octavia will remain in service

Octavia will remain in service


Skoda strives to fully electrify its model line, but does not consider it necessary to abandon all other body types except crossovers, as Ford did in North America earlier. Therefore, following the electric counterparts of current crossovers, an electrified Octavia will appear.

In the first 9 months of 2021, Skoda sold 99,100 Kamiq units, 96,600 Karoqs and 82,600 Kodiaq units. The most popular model of the brand remains Octavia – 159,400 cars sold during the same period. Crossovers make up a decent chunk of the Czech automaker’s sales. Therefore, the first 3 electric vehicles will be crossovers. The Enyaq iV will be followed by a more compact electric crossover, and in 2025 a younger model will appear, which will share the platform with the VW ID.2.

However, Martin Yang, head of sales and marketing, said Skoda has no plans to become a sole SUV manufacturer. According to him, the manufacturer still sees interest in the Octavia and Superb, so the models will continue to exist in the electric equivalent. Skoda is targeting conservative drivers who don’t want crossovers. Also, such models may be interesting for the car fleets of companies.

Knowing the strategy of Skoda, as well as of the parent Volkswagen, it can be assumed that the electric counterparts of the Octavia and Superb will receive different names. Electric models are deliberately separated from their ICE counterparts.

We also advise you to watch the full breakdown of the Octavia A8 1.4TSI Aisin 8AT Ambition from the FineAuto team:

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