Odd Porsche 911 off-road put up for sale

Odd Porsche 911 off-road put up for sale


On eBay put unusual off-road buggy, which was built on the basis of the classic Porsche 911. The car was created specifically to participate in the tuning show SEMA in 2017, and now put up for sale – starting bid is 23 $ 700, at the time of publication of the new rates on the car was not.

Off-road 911 built Atelier Smash Customs. The coupe received reinforced wheels with 30 inch tires off road, which is the full width taken out of the arch. Also, the engineers have equipped it with a new suspension that can withstand travel over rough terrain – every wheel has two of the shock absorber.

All the glass from the interior was removed except for the windshield, to ensure the safety of the driver and the passenger inside is the safety cage. The interior looks quite austere, the only exception is leather racing buckets.

The factory engine it was decided to replace the four-cylinder unit volume of 2.3 liters from Volkswagen. Its power reaches 200 HP, this motor is combined with a four-speed manual transmission, drive off-road buggy full.


According to the seller, the car copes with off-road driving. Despite all the improvements and not exactly stock appearance, off-road Porsche can still move on the roads without any restrictions.

In October last year on sale put another off-road the Porsche 911, but then it was the car in the factory package Safari, which was intended for rally-raids. For 34-year-old car owner was asked about 9.5 million rubles – for the same price you could buy a new convertible Porsche Carrera S body 992.

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