Of the two cuts: Skoda has restored a unique racing coupe from the 60s

Of the two cuts: Skoda has restored a unique racing coupe from the 60s


For the 120th anniversary of Skoda Motorsport, the Czech company has restored the 1100 OHC Coupe that raced in the early 1960s. To do this, I had to buy two original copies, which were sold more than half a century ago and were broken in accidents. Experts from the Skoda Prototype Center used the original blueprints to bring the unique sports car back to life, although the surviving parts were only enough for one copy.

1100 OHC Coupe built in 1959. Both copies received a space frame welded from thin-walled pipes, a lightweight aluminum body and suspension with wishbones in front and a trailing arm in the rear.

They were powered by a naturally aspirated 1.1-liter Skoda 440 Spartak (Octavia’s predecessor) inline four, more than doubled in power for a sports car, from 40 to 92 horsepower. The maximum speed of a 555-kilogram two-door reached 200 kilometers per hour.

The 1100 OHC raced for only two years, from 1960 to 1962, before being retired due to changes in the technical regulations. Four years later, the cars were sold to private buyers. As a result, both were almost completely destroyed in accidents, and the body of one of them was damaged by fire.

Skoda bought sports cars piece by piece, and by 2015 there were enough parts to restore the chassis, which was exhibited in the brand’s museum. However, the company later decided to recreate the entire 1100 OHC Coupe. The specialists used the original drawings to create a three-dimensional model of the coupe, and then several real prototypes in different scales.

A number of components had to be created from scratch. Among them is the body, which was made from sheets of aluminum with a thickness of 0.8 to one millimeter: as in 1959, they were molded and welded by hand. Some details were borrowed from the serial Skoda of that time – 1200, Popular, Spartak and Octavia.

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