Off-road camper green: the Kawasaki will be curandero KLX700

Off-road camper green: the Kawasaki will be curandero KLX700


Mandatory transition to the norms of Euro 4 gasoline drove old air-cooled Kawasaki KLR650 to go on a well-deserved retirement, after which the range of concern, not a single off-road machine, suitable for tourism. But this gap, it seems, will not last long – already in 2021 needs to develop a modern motorcycle to travel to the abandoned corners of the planet, devoid of paved driveways. And he will be a twin cylinder.

The motor is the same that is on the Versys 650, Ninja 650 Z650 and parallel the two, equipped with fuel injection. Most likely, its displacement will be slightly increased, because the rumors that the name motorcycle will KLX700, not 650. And this is a logical step, because the direct competitor to the beginner is the Yamaha Tenere T7 700 cubic deuce. You can’t do less than the competitor – the arms race has not been canceled!


Neither on external appearance nor on the exact specifications nor the price can not speak yet, everything is still guesses and the picture illustrating this news, just a fantasy in photoshop of a possible look of the bike. But the fact of his appearance no doubt – the market is now touring motorcycles Enduro is on the rise, and you have to be very bad strategist, not to reserve your piece of pie charts this pie. View. Maybe by the fall of 2020 will show formally or by chance someone will catch a draught copy into the camera lens.

Can curandero Kawasaki KLX700 be a replacement for the Yamaha Tenere T7?

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