Off-road minivan? Jeep, maybe not worth it!

Off-road minivan? Jeep, maybe not worth it!


Jeep’s senior brand manager said that the brand is not going to develop a minivan, as such vehicles are not very suitable for off-road and towing.

Brandon Girmus, senior brand manager of the Jeep Gladiator project, told Muscle Cars & Trucks that the company is not going to produce a minivan. However, whatever the future holds for the brand, according to Girmus, the Jeep will still be the Jeep. The brand has certain characteristics for which the minivan is simply not technically suited, even if it has a very attractive and recognizable design in the spirit of the brand, he added. Girmus noted that for the Jeep to be a Jeep, it must be capable of off-roading and towing trailers. Empowering a family minivan with these capabilities will not be easy, says the brand manager.

In addition, Jeep does not feel the need for family cars – the Chrysler brand is traditionally responsible for minivans in the concern. Girmus also said the brand is keeping a close eye on new trends such as electrification. Jeep recently revealed a concept for an electric version of the Wrangler called Magneto: the SUV received a 265-horsepower electric setup and three batteries. In addition, a hybrid Wrangler 4xe with a power plant of a 2.0-liter “turbo four” and a pair of electric motors, which develops 380 horsepower, went on sale.

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