Off-road Porsche 911: premiere just around the corner

Off-road Porsche 911: premiere just around the corner


The son of German tuning specialist Uwe Gemballa – Mark Philip Gemballa – announces that a new SUV will debut next week. Uwe Gemballa’s legacy is today represented by two independent firms. One of them is Marc Phillipp Gemballa (MPG), created by Uwe’s son.

Marc Philipp Gemballa GmbH has finally announced that Project Sandbox, the tuning house’s first draft, will be unveiled next week.

In parallel with the presentation, a new teaser image of a car drifting on the sand will appear. The tuner did not name a specific date, only hinting that more details will appear just before the premiere.

Previously, the company announced that the engine for the off-road sports car Porsche 911 will be supplied by another legendary tuner – RUF. The novelty will produce 750 hp. and 928 Nm of torque. These figures are demonstrated by a modified version of the six-cylinder engine of the Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Mark Philip Gemballa clarified that his new car will have a powerful Akrapovic exhaust system.

The suspension is supplied by KW Automotive, while the aerodynamics of the vehicle are developed by KLK Motorsport. If the name Gemballa sounds familiar to you, it’s because 27-year-old Mark Philippe’s father was Uwe Gemballa, who founded the tuning company of the same name. This tuning bureau is not affiliated with MPG.

Mark Philip Gemballa promises that his future car will be “an ultra-modern but timeless supercar.” We will be shown a hybrid of a modern supercar with all its comfort and everyday practicality and an SUV with its advanced driving characteristics.

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