Off-Road Race: Suzuki Jimny vs Triumph Scrambler

Off-Road Race: Suzuki Jimny vs Triumph Scrambler


Yes, there are a few very minor discrepancies between the Suzuki Jimny and the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE: Things like number of wheels. Both of them however, were made for off-roading, so we headed to Wales for a little race… Series 27: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

here at top gear we’ve been a little bit slack if I’m honest we still haven’t bought you a video of you of the brilliant new Suzuki Jimny how can you not love this thing but today we’re gonna put that right with the help of two extra wheels and a bit of a brace this is the scrambler 1200 X II triumph newest and most capable member of the scrambler family the E in X e stands for extreme because this has longer travel off-road suspension upgraded electronics and wider bars so it’s proper adventure spec not just a retro makeover a bit like the Suzuki Jimny then it might be Diddy but this isn’t just some lifestyle SUV yes it works well around town and is really no bigger than a box of tissues but it’s actually a hard as nails little off-roader at heart by the way yes these are all season road tires rather than knobbly off-road tires suzuki was confident they would cope with what we have found today now clearly there are some fairly major discrepancies between these two vehicles number of wheels is the obvious one but also weight and weather protection but there are similarities engines this has a 1.2 liter twin with 89 brake horsepower the car has just 11 horsepower more from a 1.5 liter engine a hundred horsepower both a naturally aspirated both have manual gearboxes the bike costs from around 12 and a half grand this starts from 15 and a half grand but most importantly despite the fact that both of these look fantastic when you’re poncing around outside a cafe both of them are born to be off-road so here’s the plan we’re at triumphs incredible adventure experience center at the foot of the Brecon Beacons in Wales that have ourselves a little race car versus bike one at a time against the clock around a loop that involves loose gravel big bumps and riding the Triumph annoyingly talented Matt Reed driving the Jimny is the annoyingly competitive me right bike first let’s see what I can learn from the pro by Matt you ready start your engine mate 3 2 1 you won’t be happy with that star it will spin there the unprofessional you see me look nervous didn’t it you could tell it’s some it’s the jiminy it’s an intimidating machine isn’t it it’s gone quite al-qaeda means he’s falling off down the side of a ravine when absolutely hammering it into the distance and gonna set a time that I can’t even get close to so I’ve tried to memorize where these big bumps are the one that will break my suspension and the rest of us can take flat flat as I can they’re popular downhill stuff because then I’ll understeer Whang on a minute stand back here he comes oh he comes he’s still on the bike he’s still on the bike ah not bad three minutes twenty is it a good time nobody knows I literally have no reference point but that is my target three twenty point oh five come to me time to beat it right three minutes 22 B should not be a problem for a car of the gym knees caliber proper little off-road as I said so you’ve got rear-wheel drive mode four-wheel drive mode and then low range four-wheel drive made we’re going to go for four-wheel drive mode there’s the satisfying mechanical clunk ready to go the perfect start with four-wheel drive the zero loss of traction right we’re off this is the flat bit I’m getting it speed up here well flat-ish alright here’s the plan don’t crash that’s it that’s the whole plan longears in this thing you’ve only got five of them so now if my memory serves there’s a fairly bumpy section coming up here oh there it is come on your we’d be steep right downhill this is the one bit of the track I figured out where I’m actually quicker than a motorbike tough-as-nails this car isn’t it here we go through the puddle through the gate from the top now I mean it’s more rarely driving than off-roading this but there are a few sections which is gonna be super careful and there’s one coming up here super loose that’s about half of the cool stone I mean I have nothing to gauge this with but in my mind I am ahead and streets ahead of the motorbike this car designed for this well they said it can go off-road it can handle loose surfaces they say it’s super stable into first gear for the uphill slope this is the beat oh come on look at that traction unbelievable that was quicker than the bike up there right all right right hander tight into the left-hander it’s downhill here there is the finish line I can see his face he’s worried already and across the line now I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but that’s okay it’s better than three minutes 20 good absolutely tingling with the adrenaline go on then give it to me I think there’s something wrong with your clock wait five minutes it’s hang on that’s focal one minute forty slower than you yes yeah I think your phone might be broken you might want to take that to carphone warehouse after they did devil Jacky I think you all right it’s a fair result but how impressed are you with this little car tough-as-nails me I’m impressed considering I know every rock addiction but that’s probably worth about a minute forty around here would you say maybe I’ll take that as a mol victory so there you have it a comprehensive victory for the time and awesome machine but I can’t tell you how impressive the Jimny is when you throw it at the scenery the ground clearance means you just fly over everything most of these won’t see action beyond the supermarket carpark and that’s a bit of a shame because it’s so much more capable than its size or badge or price tag suggests a proper little indestructible brick of a car this is for not much money – which brings me to the four-hour drive back to London and bit of a chill in the air looks like it might rain getting pretty dark it’s only one of the two I should really drive home well then live one

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