Off-road: Subaru teases new video of the new Forester Wilderness crossover

Off-road: Subaru teases new video of the new Forester Wilderness crossover


Subaru continues to fuel public interest in the new Wilderness lineup. This time, on its YouTube channel, the company published a video teaser of the car, in the details of which the Forester SUV is guessed, which will be the second in the line of “especially prepared for off-road” Subaru after the Outback, which debuted in March. Along with the video, the brand also revealed the date of the Forester’s premiere with the Wilderness nameplate: it is scheduled for September 2.

In the teaser video, Forester is “tested” on various natural landscapes, including in the forest, on snow and on rocky off-road. The entire model itself is shown only from a bird’s-eye view, from which it is difficult to see anything.

The Forester Wilderness will probably get the same tweaks as the Outback version before it. Externally, it can be distinguished by a massive body kit with overlays on both bumpers, as well as a sticker on the hood and off-road tires (for Outback – Yokohama Geolandar).

In addition, underbody protection was added to the station wagon, the ground clearance was increased by 20 millimeters and the suspension was reconfigured for increased stability on rough terrain. Another innovation is the X-Mode off-road transmission with various settings for driving in deep snow and mud, correcting the operation of the engine and traction control.

The Wilderness range is designed for the North American markets. Outback Wilderness is already on sale, starting at $ 36,995 in the US. For a surcharge of $ 1,845, the station wagon can be retrofitted with a sunroof, a multimedia system with navigation and an 11.6-inch screen and an automatic braking system when reversing.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the Subaru Forester from the FineAuto team:

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