Official: 2022 F1 car

Official: 2022 F1 car


The organizers of the iconic Formula 1 racing series have unveiled a full-size car for the 2022 season for the first time. This is what all 2022 Formula 1 cars will look like as a result of the revision of the rules of this sport.

The custom-designed design was unveiled at Silverstone on the Thursday ahead of the British Grand Prix this weekend. While teams are already hard at work on their racing cars for the 2022 season, Formula 1 has developed its own interpretation of what a car built with the new rules would look like.

The most impressive features are the flat nose, wheel fairings, large front fender with integrated endplates and unique rear wing concept.

The goal of the new car is to make the race better, and especially to improve overtaking.

The new race car has a ground-effect floor structure and much simpler fenders to ensure that most of its downforce comes from areas of the car that are not affected by close adherence.

FIA head of technical single-seater Nicolas Tombasis said when the concept for the new car was first unveiled.

“We want cars to be able to race and follow each other and have more exciting battles on the track,” he said. “We want to have tires that allow people to fight each other without demeaning their dignity or giving only a short interval to overtake. The new cars are simpler than the current ones because many small components have been removed, especially in front of the side supports. In particular, the front fenders received a simpler design. ”

“Directly under the car there is a diffuser – like a Venturi channel. There are tunnels under the side supports from front to back. ”

However, it is likely that the actual 2022 cars will be different when they are shown next year, and teams will strive to use the new rules and design their cars in ways that better optimize performance.

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