Official presentation of the Suzuki cross Across

Official presentation of the Suzuki cross Across


Japanese company Suzuki has shown the cross Across, which is a version of the Toyota RAV4.

But the creation of a new experts of the Japanese automaker “looked” not on the RAV4, and the Toyota cross Wildlander is the closest relative to “Rapha”. It has the front part with the original headlights and body parts, and Suzuki only revised the shape of the grille. The result of RAV4 Across and can be seen on the roads.

However, the design of the stern and the interior of the RAV4 and new similar: the only difference is the labels and the fine d├ęcor. Notable is the fact that Across currently available in a single version, and it is a rechargeable hybrid, the RAV4 is considered one of their flagship variations.


By “technique” the new model follows the cross Toyota with the same powertrain. Engine 2.5 operates on the efficient Atkinson cycle and develops 177 HP (219 Nm), it helps the motor (182 HP, 270 Nm). Li-ion battery of 18.1 kWh is located under the floor. Only on electric novelty can overcome the distance of 75 km cycle WLTP, which is 20 km less in comparison with a hybrid RAV4 (95 km).

Production Suzuki Across will establish the same facility in Japan, produces the RAV4. In Europe, the appearance of new items is expected this fall. The cost is currently unknown.

In addition, the company Volkswagen has revealed a facelifted Tiguan crossover. The German company did not announce a price for the new model.

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