Official: the fourth generation of the Lexus IS

Official: the fourth generation of the Lexus IS


Contrary to expectations, a new generation of compact chetyrehdverki was not so new and more like a deep restyling.

The Lexus IS was, in fact, the first model of the Japanese brand, designed in the modern technical centre in Toyota Japan. However, updating his rival compact sedans “Big German Troika”, the firm chose to do possibly a little blood.


In the fourth generation of the Lexus IS, in fact, retained the chassis of its predecessor, although it has undergone significant modernization. It is claimed that the platform has become much more rigid and light, especially in the unsprung masses.

For example, a number of steel suspension components replaced with aluminum counterparts. New spring steel is 20% lighter still, the a-arm is facilitated by 18%, stabilizer bar – 17%, and high-end versions sedan first wore 19-inch wheels from BBS. In addition, mention of the additional amplifiers and the new technology of welding in the superstructure, while the body, obviously, has not fundamentally changed.

Accordingly, virtually unchanged dimensions chetyrehdverki, and the design IS experienced, by and large, evolutionary change. While published images are only “warmed-up” version of the F Sport, but well marked, say, some fine-tuning radiator grille, new front and rear optics, as well as massive dynamic punch in the lower part of the sidewalls.

Saved in General and interior architecture, where the main novelty is the multimedia system with touch touchpad on the center console and planetology screen. The display itself is offset 8 inches to the driver side, and its size can range from 8 to 10.3 inches.


Has not changed and gamma motor news, which still consists of a two-liter turbo “four” and 3.5-liter V6. The first develops 245 HP and 350 Nm of torque, the second offered in two versions impact – 264 HP and 315 HP Junior sedan to have only rear-wheel drive, 264-strong IS may be all-wheel drive only, but buyers top version will be able to choose between the two types of drive.

While monoprovodu sedans on the 6-speed automatic, whereas their colleagues with the drive to both axles – has 8-band. And for the modification IS 350 F Sport adaptive suspension available. Meanwhile, the most powerful modification with the new V8 and the index IS 500, the rumors of which went not so long ago, not officially announced.

The timing of release of new items on the market is not yet announced, but we can expect that in some markets chetyrehdverki will be on sale before the end of the year.

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