Officially. The new Maserati supercar will be called “MC20”

Officially. The new Maserati supercar will be called “MC20”


Maserati company has provided official information about the new supercar, which will be presented on in may of this year in Modena. The name of the car – Maserati MC20.

“MS” stands for “Maserati Corse”, that is, “Maserati racing”. The numerical value of “20” refers to the year of the model run, exactly the same as it was with the early race called the Maserati Tipo 26. According to an official statement of representatives of the company, the Italian brand returns to racing competition.

No wonder MC20 be presented as a “natural evolution” MC12 supercar, produced in 2004-2005 (edition limited to 50 road cars and 12 versions for racing). By the way, this Maserati had significant success in competitions: 3 times won the “24 hours Spa”, 14 times won the title, including “the Cup of designers”.


What else do we know about the MC20? In November last year, the Italians officially revealed photographs of the road “mule” in camouflage, designed to test a new power plant. The comment was that the engine model is a proprietary development of the company, and he will be the first completely new family of powerplants.

In addition, even earlier (in February of last year) the company announced the upgrade of production lines to launch a new supercar with hybrid and fully electric propulsion systems. Then this car was perceived as the production version of the concept car Alfieri (front-engined coupe with the landing formula 2+2). On the other hand, the test “mule” is a mid-engine coupe.

It is possible that it is the chassis used for tuning the engine and does not indicate the form factor of the future supercar.

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