Offroad with consequences: bloggers can be held accountable for ride-in-the-park

Offroad with consequences: bloggers can be held accountable for ride-in-the-park


Employees of the national park “Beloberezhye Svyatoslav” on the Kinburn Spit demand that bloggers who rode around the reserve in off-road vehicles be brought to justice.

The protection service of the national natural park “Beloberezhye Svyatoslav”, located on the Kinburn peninsula in the Nikolaev region, drew up an act of harm to nature after a group of bloggers traveled along the spit in jeeps.

NikVesti reports this with reference to the State Environmental Service of the South-West Region.

It is noted that the park’s employees turned to the police with a request, on the basis of an act drawn up by them, to open a criminal case on the fact of harm to the ecosystem of the reserve by a group of bloggers who visited the spit in early February.

“The state security service of the park drew up an act of inspection of the damaged territory of protected areas and sent the relevant materials to the police department No. 7 of the Nikolaev district police department of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Nikolaev region to make a decision to open a criminal case on the grounds of a criminal offense provided for in part 1 Article 252 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “deliberate destruction or damage to territories taken under state protection, and objects of the natural reserve fund,” the message says.

It is known that in early February a company of video bloggers drove off-road vehicles along the Kinburn Spit, which is a protected area, and published a corresponding video on the Youtube channel “It’s a Good Trip – Adventure and Food”. It caused a negative reaction even from fans of the channel – many of them called it vandalism and the destruction of the reserve fund.

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