Oh gods! Chaos ensues! New ul’trakar from Greece

Oh gods! Chaos ensues! New ul’trakar from Greece


A Greek engineer, racing driver and entrepreneur Spyros Panopoulos intends to start production of a car of his own design, which will exceed the technical characteristics of all existing analogues. And at the same time – no electricity!

While the world is going to hell because of the pandemic, COVID-19, somewhere in Greece is brewing a car with incredible performance. He will have all-wheel drive and accelerate to 100 km/h in less than 2 s. the Ratio of power to weight is 2:1, that is, each kilogram will have two horsepower – how’s the best sport bikes.


The miracle machine is called Chaos and her designs Spyros Panopoulos, the company’s founder named himself. This man is widely known in narrow circles Motorsport as a developer and supplier of unique components, allowing to squeeze out of technique the maximum possible. 3D modeling Panopoulos professionally since 1997, and pretty adept in the manufacture of parts for rally and road-racing cars, dragster, record motorcycles and even Formula 1 cars.

Racing Panopoulos he also took part – in particular Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX c 1.8-liter engine of its own design capacity of 2880 14 HP at 100 rpm! No wonder that the Greek matured to the ideas of your own car, created from scratch. Work on it began in 2019, the project is called Chaos, and now the degree of readiness is quite high – in April, Panopoulos has published several teaser photos.

In the chaos of the Greek engineer wants to use all of your best achievements. Ul’trakar (as defined niche of Chaos) will be based on a monocoque carbon fiber exterior panels are of carbon-Kevlar and suspension double wishbone “in a circle”.

3988 CC V10 engine c 90-degree collapse, 40 valves 20 of the injectors and lubrication system dry sump – fully private development, including two vysokoproizvoditel turbochargers with titanium-ceramic impellers. The stated compression ratio is 12.3:1. The camshafts are made of titanium, the valves – particularly high-temperature incomelevel alloy. Maximum power with titanium, printed on a 3D printer, pistons and connecting rods – 2000 HP at 11,000 rpm, but if the pistons are ceramic, and connecting rods – carbon fiber, the impact grows to 3000 HP at 12 000 rpm.

Transmission – 8-speed “robot” with two clutches. About the structure of the all-wheel drive system yet no details. Wheel – titanium, manufactured on a 3D printer, with a diameter of 21 inches front and 22 inches rear. Brake discs – ceramic with a diameter of 428 mm 416 mm front and rear. The calipers are made of magnesium alloy on a 3D printer.

While this is all declared technical specifications. The body shown only fragmentarily, a silhouette under the covers is a bit like a Ferrari Enzo. The interior is designed for two devices with augmented and virtual reality.


The official premiere of the ul’trakar Spyros Panopoulos Chaos to be held in March next year at the Geneva motor show. The price is not yet announced, but it is clear that it will be space.

We will add that in this year cancelled due to coronavirus the Geneva motor show was to be held the live premiere of American 1250-horsepower hypercar Czinger 21C, which is almost entirely made on a 3D printer than very similar to Spyros Panopoulos Chaos. The latter obviously intends to take the title of the world’s most powerful production car, which is now owned by a Japanese electric hypercar Aspark Owl – 2012 HP

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