“Oh Yeah!”: powerful V8 for the small Lexus IS

“Oh Yeah!”: powerful V8 for the small Lexus IS


With the change of generations of the sedan IS its engine range will be expanded but the question of “hot” IS F is not.

The family IS Lexus, according to rumors, is going to seriously upgrade in the near future. And in addition to the manipulation platform update will lead to adaptation for a compact sedan eight-cylinder engine, which is now being installed, for example, in the compartment LC 500.

This motor develops 477 HP and 540 Nm of torque. However, according to Allcarnews, the family IS not going to be “charged” version with the letter F: cityradio index IS 500 are planned to be positioned as the ultimate sports car, but as top-end modification of a premium sedan with impressive dynamics and a decent level of comfort.


It should be noted that the sources of this information is not yet known, so to treat them is with a certain degree of skepticism. Data about what will be the modernization of Lexus IS is very little. Version Allcarnews, for a new generation chetyrehdverki will process the current architecture, but according to another version, the sedan will move on a modular platform TNGA in the version that is used, for example, the Toyota Mirai.

Another hypothesis about the future Lexus IS is the use of “trolley”, developed by the Japanese together with colleagues from Mazda. Simply put, the new IS can be a technical relative of the Mazda 6 new generation, and in this case, most likely, will be equipped with the inline “sixes” of the same origin.

Previously it was assumed that Lexus will introduce a new generation IS sedan before the end of this year, but, most likely, the pandemic coronavirus made the brand plans its own adjustments.

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