Oise will teach you to start from your smartphone

Oise will teach you to start from your smartphone

Ulyanovsk automobile plant began testing vehicles that are “connected” technologies, involving the ability to remotely control some functions of the car.


UAZ announced the start of pilot testing of off-road vehicles with Connected car technology, which includes the ability to remotely control certain vehicle functions with a smartphone. About it reports a press-service of the Ulyanovsk automobile plant.

Oise partner in the new project was the IT company of C-Cars, the program which allows in real time to different telematics data from the car. It is, for example, about his whereabouts, the driving style of the driver or the fuel level in the fuel tank and on the technical condition of the car. Finally, with the help of a special mobile app, the car owner can remotely start or stop the engine.

The new solution is tested on the latest new UAZ – Patriot SUV, equipped with automatic transmission. When the Ulyanovsk automobile plant will offer customers new functionality, is still unknown.


UAZ announced the start accepting orders for Patriot with automatic transmission in late August. The SUV was equipped with a six-speed transmission 6L50 Punch Powerglide joint development of the Belgian company Punch Powertrain and the American company General Motors. For UAZ Patriot it is paired with a new engine ZMZ ABOUT that develops 150 forces and 235 Newton metres. Prices for this car start from a mark of 14 $ 500.

Considers useful such technology for “Patriot”?

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