Old Hyundai turned in a copy of the Toyota Yaris

Old Hyundai turned in a copy of the Toyota Yaris


Us bloggers did a mock video test of the rally car world rally championship, using an old Hyundai Getz. A little talent and skill, and cheap Korean hatchback turned into a Toyota Yaris.

Getz has changed beyond recognition: hatchback got extended wheel arches, a body kit, massive rear wing, an additional illumination unit and the traditional livery of team Toyota in the WRC. Bloggers went further and even added the sound of the motor rally car, but only on video.


As for the Yaris, the model was replaced by the generation in October this year, and is on its way its “hot” version. We are talking about GR Yaris, which debuts January 11, 2020. According to preliminary data, the hatchback received a four-wheel drive system and powerful motor. Details about the new company yet do not open.

And how, in your opinion, are they similar?

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