Old Nissan Leaf failed the crash test

Old Nissan Leaf failed the crash test


German Association DEKRA exercising technical supervision of vehicles, conducted a crash test of Nissan Leaf: the car smashed into a pole at speeds of 75 and 84 kilometres per hour. The speed was chosen deliberately higher than the Euro NCAP tests, where the electric car scored the maximum five stars.

It was found that during a side collision with a stationary object at speeds of 75 kilometers per hour Leaf literally folded in half. The chances of the driver and passengers to survive in such an accident are small. However, expert opinion indicates that the car with a traditional internal combustion engine in a similar situation would be same unsafe. In other words, the level of damage to the electric vehicle and conventional machines in this test are similar.


In addition, DEKRA simulated frontal collision with a tree at the speed of 84 kilometers per hour. Despite serious deformation of the body, the Leaf caught fire. Euro NCAP conducts two frontal crash test at 64 kilometers per hour on a hard obstacle throughout the area of the front and kick the driver’s side dash of crushed barrier with an overlap of 40 percent.

As for the results of the Euro NCAP tests that were conducted a year earlier, the Nissan Leaf earned the maximum five stars. Protection of adult passengers of the electric car was rated at 93 per cent, child occupant – 86 per cent of pedestrians – at 71 percent.

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