Old Porsche motor for 220 thousand dollars can not find a buyer


At the site Bring a Trailer came the announcement of the sale of the unit is interesting: “oppozitnik” Porsche Type 547/1 Fuhrmann Four-Cam. These motors were installed on the model 356 Speedster Carrera 1500 RS and racing cars of the brand in the middle of the last century. What is on offer there is still no response, due to the high cost of the engine is 220 thousand dollars.

For the development of this unit answered Ernst Furmann – in just six months, he has collected and provided for testing the Type 547/1 Fuhrmann Four-Cam. This a-liter unit with a capacity of about 100 horsepower is of interest in that it has two camshafts in each cylinder head, while on other engines of the time used the scheme with a lower position of the camshaft.


In April 1953 the engine was first tested in racing conditions and in the same year, Porsche sports car with this engine won in its class at the Mille Miglia and at Le Mans.

However, Fuhrmann Type 547/1 Four-Cam was a typical problem due to the complex design with failure on his recovery left tens of hours even the most experienced Porsche.

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