Old Suzuki Jimny will remain in the role of pickup truck and truck

Old Suzuki Jimny will remain in the role of pickup truck and truck


A pickup and truck based on the third generation Suzuki Jimny was presented in Britain. It was developed by startup Yomper 4×4, which is a division of Samson Engineering Limited (deals with technologies in the field of renewable energy).

The Yomper is available in two versions: a traditional Bergen pickup truck and a Commercial drop-side truck. The wheelbase is 225 cm for the Bergen and 275 cm for the Commercial. The maximum carrying capacity does not depend on the modification – 500 kg.

Cars are equipped with a standard 1.3-liter 16-valve 4-cylinder petrol engine.

Head of Yomper 4×4 Giles Walker noted that he saw British farmers interested in a small pickup with excellent cross-country ability, but there was no such car on the market.

Production of the third-generation Jimny was stopped in 2018, so the company is based on used cars. They are undergoing a complete overhaul and disassembled to a screw. This applies to both the chassis and the engine.

Not without design improvements. The rear drum brakes are replaced by disc brakes, adjustable shock absorbers are installed, and the body is raised by 50 mm.

Yomper 4×4 has now put up ready-made vehicles for sale: Bergan costs £ 16,995, Commercial – £ 17,995. The timing of car manufacturing from scratch is not specified.

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