Old Tesla will go in a new way

Old Tesla will go in a new way


Owners of Tesla cars produced in 2016-2019 will need a processor update to be able to use the ninth beta version of the Full-Self Driving autopilot, writes Electrek.

The processor upgrade on Tesla electric cars is paid and is estimated at $ 1.5 thousand. Tesla has previously stated that its customers will not need to pay extra for improved features in the future. Recall that since 2016, all Tesla electric vehicles have been equipped with an autopilot. Initially, this function was disabled in the car, but the client could activate it for 10 thousand dollars.

In 2019, Tesla revealed that older versions of the on-board computer processors did not quite cope with the autonomous control of the car and released a new modification of the chip. Owners of cars manufactured in 2016–2019 who paid for FSD were offered software and processor updates free of charge.

At the same time, the price of the autopilot was constantly changing, as well as its functionality was gradually expanding. Tesla is now offering autopilot activation for $ 199 per month by subscription (only applies to cars built from last year).

That is, those who paid $ 10,000 for autopilot in the past did not get any advantages over new customers who only need to pay $ 199 monthly. At the same time, those who bought a Tesla electric car before mid-2019 and did not pay for the FSD in order to use the subscription will need to pay $ 1.5 thousand to update the on-board computer.

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