Old VW beads priced at the new Tuareg

Old VW beads priced at the new Tuareg


In Belgium, an unusual 1982 Volkswagen T3 was put up for sale. Let’s start with the fact that the van is asking for as much as 85 thousand euros-as for the new Volkswagen Touareg in a very decent configuration.

Naturally, the Volkswagen T3 is not easy, because it was finalized by Porsche specialists. They needed a “technician” to accompany test cars on tests in North Africa.

Since the standard Volkswagen Transporter could not keep up with the Porsche sports cars, they decided to add power to it and put a 3.0-liter 204-horsepower opposition six and a 5-speed manual transmission from the Porsche 911 SC.

The result is 8.3 seconds up to a hundred and a maximum of 200 km/h. However, this tuning Volkswagen T3 is not completed-installed SCART exhaust, Bilstein shock absorbers and increased brakes.

The van can be distinguished by its body kit and 16-inch wheels from the same Porsche 911. The interior features sports seats and numerous Porsche logos. The car is perfectly preserved, and its mileage is only 27,500 km.

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